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November 3, 2015

Taking Stock | October

Time to share what I’m taking stock in for October!

Making: cookies for the workers at our house
Cooking: comfort food = not healthy
Drinking: more coffee than ever before
Wanting: to do a better job at being content and patient
Looking: forward to our west coast vacation next year
Wishing: that “wishing” wasn’t on this list because it is tempting me to not be content ;)
Reading: through Romans 12 and digging deep into all the richness in those verses, I’ve been reading one verse a day then spending time looking at different translations, cross references and commentaries – SO good!
Enjoying: all the babysitting help from Emily’s amazing grandparents – we are so blessed!
Waiting: for The Bachelor to start – judge away
Loving: this recent warmer weather
Wondering: if I should grow my hair out… (thoughts?!)
Hoping: I can finish a couple really good books I’ve started
Needing: to start going to bed earlier
Wearing: yoga pants and zip ups (you thought I was going to say flip flops didn’t you? #meangirls)
Missing: the days Emily use to nap on me
Noticing: God’s tug at my heart to stop saying “yes” to everything for the sole purpose of people-pleasing and the fear of what others may think, and to start finding the peace in saying “no” so that I have more time, energy and love to give to my people!
Thinking: Emily is getting bigger and more independent by the day
Feeling: bad for the lack of attention Elly has been getting lately
Knowing: that God is really working in my heart right now – calling me to a life of obedience and getting in His word to know Him more fully.


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