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April 10, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Emily

Two years old?! They say time flies when you have kids and that it goes by in a blink of an eye and boy is it true. These two years have flown by, but they have been two of the most fun, challenging, exciting and rewarding years of our lives. It has been a blast watching her grow, learn and discover something new everyday! She’s one of the sweetest and most loving little girls, but has also been known to be quite a firecracker. Her smile is my favorite and her laugh (especially when she’s laughing at herself) is the best! I can’t sugar coat it, some days are hard, my friends, but I’m so thankful for this little girl, how she’s helped me grow, and having the privilege of raising her to love others and love the Lord. Happy 2nd birthday to the girl who made me a mama!

Let’s take a look at some things she’s been up to lately and some of her favorites:

  • Can count to 18
  • Says “sorry” more than anyone I know (i.e. she stubs her toe, she says “sorry toes” – hilarious)
  • Loves Minnie Mouse and really have no idea where the obsession came from – also still loves Daniel Tiger (aka “Nunny”)
  • Knows all of her letters
  • Can spell her name
  • Loves playing with chalk
  • Is pretty much potty-trained – she even celebrates when she knows that one of us had a successful trip to the potty
  • The girl is fearless!
  • When we ask what her favorite colors are, it’s always “pink and green”
  • Says screams “Good Morning Ethan” every time we go in to get him after a nap
  • Really into sorting things
  • Favorite toys are what she calls her “buddies” they are her little Daniel Tiger and Mickey figurines
  • Learned to use the potty against us (i.e. will pee in timeout to spite us for putting her there)
  • Very energetic and talkative around family but appears to be an introvert around her peers
  • Extremely observant
  • Screams “I found it!” every time the elevator door opens
  • Very fair when it comes to giving out high-fives and hugs (including Ethan, Elly, and even herself)
  • Enjoys our prayers before meals – particularly giving an excited “AMEN!” at the end
  • She definitely shares our passion for ice cream

Here are some photos from our little family birthday party yesterday!

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