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February 25, 2016

GMAIL | What I Love Most


Guys, I’m a huge Gmail user over here! I use it for both personal and business emails (although my personal account isn’t nearly as organized as my business one). Today I wanted to share a couple of the things I love most about Gmail as a small business owner!

  • Labels – I label every email. Once the email comes in and I respond, I then label the email and archive it out of my inbox (It is always my goal to have 0 emails in my inbox although that maybe happens like 3 times a year). I have client categories organized by year and couples name, personal categories, business categories (receipts, vendors), etc…I highly recommend using labels (you can also set it up that when an email comes in from a certain person it automatically gets labeled in the correct category)!
  • Boomerang – I’ve been a big fan of Boomerang for a couple years now. Although you can set boomerang to bring an email back into your inbox to grab your attention again, I primarily use boomerang to schedule emails. For example, if I am emailing at 10:00 at night and don’t want to send an email that late, I can set it to send that email in the morning…genius!
  • Sidekick – another awesome “app” for Gmail. Sidekick sends me a notification once a potential client opens my email or clicks on any links I provide within the email!
  • Last but not least, I love the tabbed inbox that keeps newsletters and promotions tucked away and out of my main inbox, but easy to find! Simple, but appreciated!

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