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February 1, 2018

February Goals

It’s February first – while I can’t believe we’re already out of January, I also feel like it was kinda the longest month ever!

Before we can look ahead to this month, let’s see how I did with last month’s goals?

January Goals


  • Finish one book – I did not finish a book this month – I found a new podcast that I’ve been binge listening to instead of reading
  • Schedule a social media free weekend
  • Date night with Mike – finally tried Noodlehead!
  • Get in the Word 5x/week
  • Meal plan each week and stay within our grocery budget – Can I half cross this one out? I wrote done meal ideas but let’s just say there was more meals scratched out and moved around than were executed – I need help with this one, friends! Comment with any meal planning tips and tricks you have! I would love to only go to the grocery store once a week but it’s just not happening!
  • No phone after 9:00 and limit phone time while kids are up – started off good with putting the phone down after 9:00 for the first week or two then pretty much completely forgot about it



  • Implement new workflow through my client portal
  • Update website galleries
  • Learn QuickBooks
  • Schedule Instagram and blog posts for the month
  • Set up Trello – I started the set up but I’m still trying to really nail down the way I’m going to execute it all and stay on top of it


February Goals


  • Meal plan
  • Get in the word 5x/week
  • Go to 3 cycling classes this month
  • Wake up at 5:30 2x/week (I normally wake up at 6 to read my Bible, but I’m thinking I could use an extra 30 minutes a couple times a week to get a head start on some emails/work before the kids get up)
  • Walk on the treadmill after the kids go to bed
  • Finish a Mission of Motherhood
  • No phone after 9:00 (want to try this again) and schedule a social media free weekend



  • Finish setting up Trello and start implementing it
  • Design new vendor cards
  • Submit some past weddings and sessions for publications
  • Working on launch info for something fun I’m going to be announcing soon
  • Organize and color code my iCal/Google calendar

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