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Friday Favorites, Personal

February 2, 2018

Friday Favorites | Bible Study Tools

After having Ethan, I had a strong desire to know God more, to know his Word more and to be living out my life as a mom, wife, and business owner the way He has called me to. But, as you know, those first (several) months after having a baby are somewhat of a blur as you lack sleep and energy – giving every bit of what you have to your sweet baby. I wanted to be getting up earlier to have the time with God that I wanted and needed, but it wasn’t until Ethan was about 6 months old that I could make that happen. I started waking up before the kids instead of waking up with the kids and feeling like a mess as I started off my day in a hustle. And not only was I now getting up before the kids, but I was starting my day learning about God and who he has called me to be. Never before have I had such an understanding of my faith and what I believe. It’s been a pretty amazing 8 months or so. Are there days I sleep in? YES! Are there times I fail and don’t live my life in a way that is glorifying to God, YES (literally every day). But there is so much power in His grace – and I am learning so much. 

ALLL that to say, I wanted to share some of my favorite Bible study tools and resources today for my “Friday Favorites.” It’s because of these resources and a few good friends encouraging me on in my walk with Christ that I am where I am right now.

Let’s take a look…

  • ESV study bible – This was my first study bible – Mike got it for me while we were in college.
  • She Reads Truth study books (currently Romans) – Their study books are not only biblically sound, but they are beautiful. I’ve loved marking up and writing out everything I’ve been learning through Romans in their study book. (I then clean it up and transfer the really good stuff that I’ve learned into my She Reads Truth bible)…
  • She Reads Truth bible – While I use my study bible to study scripture, I use this bible to journal, take notes, write out definitions and what I’m learning. There are wide margins that leave room for me to do all this – something the study bible does not have. I love being able to mark up this bible to have as a personal reference for things that stick out to me or that I’ve learned in certain seasons!
  • Precept Austin – A wealth of knowledge!! This online commentary site has verse-by-verse, in depth commentaries for just about every verse in the Bible! I’ve spent so much time reading commentaries from this website. After I take time reading a passage, noting keywords or anything that sticks out to me, I then head over to Precept Austin for a more in-depth understanding of any verses I need some help with!
  • Risen Motherhood – An amazing gospel-centered podcast for moms, BUT ALSO they have a ton of resources on how to study the Bible using the Inductive Bible Study Method (which is how I study) and tons of book recommendations for kids, moms, specific holidays – so many great resources! I can’t recommend them enough!
  • Jen Wilkin – An incredible woman whose greatest desire is to help other women grow in their biblical literacy. I have read her book “Women in the Word” and highly recommend it if you are interested in learning how to read and study the bible – I have also heard her speak many times through podcasts and some of her other speaking engagements. She has an entire section of her website filled with in-depth bible studies that you can download and use for free!
  • New Morning Mercies devotional – A great every day devotional by Paul David Tripp – no fluff here!


I always love hearing what bible study tools other people use!! Please comment or email me (info@alisonmishphotography.com) with some of your favorites or if you have any questions about what I’ve mentioned above!

Also, check out my Instagram post today for a chance to win a She Reads Truth Bible!!

Have a great weekend!

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