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May 16, 2017

Ethan | 6 Months

The little man celebrated his half birthday over the weekend! It’s always amazing how fast these first 6 months go! Let’s see what he’s been up to!

  • He loves tummy time – unless he is in his crib then just cries until we come help him roll over (which is funny because he’s been rolling from his belly to his back for months now so we’re not sure why he doesn’t just roll himself over when he gets mad that he ended up on his tummy…)
  • He’s really moving around a lot and my guess would be that he’ll start army crawling here in the next couple weeks.
  • He loves playing with his feet
  • LOVES eating solids – the man hasn’t turned down anything we’ve had him try yet!
  • He’s gotten better with other people watching him! He’s the sweetest, most chill baby ever with us, but was giving our parents a hard time there for a little when they would watch him…thankfully he’s getting more used to them
  • He’s so inconsistent with his daytime sleep (which is so unlike Emily…we would put her down at the same time every day and she’d get up the same time every day, not this one – it’s a new story every day). But I’m so thankful that he at least sleeps through the night!
  • Favorite toys – Sophie, Em’s Daniel Tiger trolley, Elly’s ball, exersaucer
  • He is pretty close to sitting up on his own – right now he still holds himself up with his arms, but is making progress
  • He is so ticklish and his belly laugh is unbelievably contagious
  • While Emily was such a serious baby, Ethan will literally smile at you if you smile it him
  • He is in 9 month clothing – more because of his length than his weight
  • He loves watching Emily and she loves “playing with him” and helping me with him

Here he is at 6 months

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