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October 11, 2016

Emily | 18 Months

It’s been a while since we shared an Emily update post so we figured the 18 month milestone was worthy of a post! She turned 18 months on Monday and let me tell you, this little girl is a firecracker. She keeps you on your toes and likes to test her boundaries, but she can also be the sweetest most joyful little girl with the sweetest smile and laugh that just melts your heart when you hear it. These last couple months have been a little more challenging as we’ve started dealing with tantrums and try to learn what discipline looks like for her, but we’ve also been having so much fun watching this little girl of ours pick up something new every day!

What has she been up to lately? Let’s take a look…

  • She is starting to talk more and repeats just about everything we say…favorite words: Dada, Mommy, Elly, Yeah, More, Please, Bye bye, and just about every animals sound
  • She loves playing fetch with Elly
  • She’s still potty training – had a great first 2 weeks, but has since started so show a little bit less interest.
  • She loves wearing my shoes around the house (especially my heels)
  • She loves reading books and says “bye bye” after each book then runs and grabs another
  • She is also really into puzzles these days
  • She loves telling us all the noises different animals make
  • She carries her babydoll, Stella, everywhere with her
  • She likes to walk Elly by herself
  • She loves “helping” me cook and clean
  • She’s gotten pretty generous with her hugs and kisses these days


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