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September 6, 2018

Mish Family Trip | Wisconsin

We were all a little concerned with how the 12 hour drive to and from Wisconsin would go with the kids, and I have to say, they did great! So much better than we could have ever anticipated! So that was a great start to our week long vacation with my parents in Wisconsin Dells. We went into the trip not really having much of an agenda other than to visit a couple water parks and spend some time on the lake which made it a very nice and relaxing vacation. (Although halfway through the trip there was a severe tornado warning with alerts on our phone stating “Take cover now!”) That led to us spending a couple hours in the middle of the night tucked in the bathtub – scary at the time, but now just a part of our trip memories! Here’s a little peek into our vacation…

Had a great morning at a country market with tons of fun things for the kids to play with!

Playing “school” with Ghee. Ghee asked her what one plus one is and she said “eleven”

Had a great night on a boat!

Mike and I visited ballpark #25 for us in Milwaukee

Always riding the teapots

So fun seeing them at the indoor waterpark

We also spent a day at a wildlife animal park and the kids loved feeding all the animals over and over again!

Mike was even brave enough to let the giraffe take the carrot out of his mouth (note: mike won’t eat a carrot, but he’ll let a giraffe lick his face lol)

Ethan then insisted on doing the same!

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