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February 18, 2019

Mini Mish #3 | FAQs

It’s true – we’re bringing another little Mish into the world come August! It’s been fun to do these posts in the past, so here it goes for baby number three!

How far along am I? 14 weeks! Due to a little scare early on, I had an early ultrasound, so we’ve seen the baby and heard the heartbeat!

When is my due date? August 19th

Did we always know we wanted 3 kids? No! We actually thought we were done with our boy and girl, but we’re incredibly thankful that God’s plans are better than ours!

Have I been sick? I am thankful that I do not get “morning sickness” with my pregnancies, but this pregnancy I was the most nauseous I’ve ever been – it only lasted for a couple weeks though!

What pregnancy symptoms did/have I experienced? Other than some nausea early on, I was just incredibly tired during my first trimester.

Are we going to find out the gender? Absolutely! For one, finding out I was pregnant was enough of a surprise this time! Also, we gave away a lot of our stuff, and the planners in us want to know exactly what we need.

Do we think it is a boy or a girl? My gut says girl – we shall see!

What have I been craving? I haven’t really had any strong cravings yet this pregnancy.

Am I still shooting weddings? Absolutely! I have a full engagement and wedding season ahead, and I’m just about halfway done booking for 2020!

Will this baby have an “E” name? It’s hard because Emily and Ethan were our top boy and girl names, but now we don’t know if we should keep up with the “E” theme or not! 

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