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May 2, 2017

May Goals

It’s May!! How are we already almost halfway through the year! I will say this is definitely one of my favorite months of the year – for many reasons, but mostly because of the more consistent, warmer weather! We’ve got a busy month ahead – like really busy, but so many fun and exciting things in store!

Before looking at what I want to get done this month, let’s first look back on how I did in April:

  • Finish the 21 day fix diet – I’m happy to report that I only need to lose 3 more pounds to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight!
  • Finish reading Uninvited and finish listening to the Simply Parenting – I actually took a pause from Uninvited (although it’s really good so far) to read Magic of Motherhood and I am really enjoying it as well!
  • Clean out the garage and basement – done and done!
  • Finish the electricity and drywall in the basement – the electricity is done!
  • Don’t go on my phone after 8:00 PM – I started off really strong with this one but started sneaking it in that last week, but I have definitely noticed a difference in my need/desire to go on


  • Make more progress with the basement – our drywall guy has been incredibly hard to stay in touch with which has unfortunately been delaying our progress, but really hoping to at least get the drywall up this month so we can move onto painting and getting the carpet installed – we’re getting close though!
  • Finish some landscaping projects around the house
  • Keep up with limited social media time at night
  • Start waking up 15 minutes earlier to spend more time in prayer
  • Drink. More. Water.
  • Go to Mumford and Sons concert
  • Update galleries on website
  • Get new family photos taken
  • Clean out my office drawers
  • Shoot 3 weddings!

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