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August 14, 2017

Ethan | 9 Months

We’ve had this little guy as a part of our family for 9 whole months now and I can hardly remember life without him! He’s still the most joyful little boy, although teething has proven to us that he can be fussy!

  • He is on the move – still only army crawling but he sure knows how to get where he wants to go (and where he shouldn’t go) – what is with crawling babies and dog food?!
  • He has a thing for hair and sunglasses – if you have either, he’s sure to grab it
  • Favorite food – meat! He is so not his sister lol
  • He is very ticklish!
  • He started the squinty nose, cheesing smile
  • His newest trick – giving high fives
  • He’s officially on 2 naps a day
  • He has 2 bottom teeth in and by the looks of it, he should be getting a lot more here soon
  • He’s starting to let us read more to him
  • He gets so excited when he sees Em for the first time in the morning and after his naps

9 months, 18 (ish) pounds – we’ll know for sure after his doctor’s appointment later today!

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