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June 14, 2017

Ethan | 7 Months

Guys!! This little man is 7 months today!! I can hardly believe it! He is getting so big!! Let’s see what’s he’s been up to this month:

  • He is scooting all over the place – especially after Em’s toys (which she isn’t so fond of!)
  • He can sit up for short periods of time before he face plants so he can scoot – let’s just say he doesn’t like to stay still
  • I think he’s teething?! Who really knows – but he’s been a little fussier this past week, drooling and is always chewing on something
  • He is officially in 6-12 month clothing
  • His head is LARGE and in charge – coming in at the 100 percentile, the poor kid has trouble keeping it up sometimes
  • He is loving the pool and chilling in his little raft (once again so thankful he is such a chill baby since Em is always keeping me on my toes!)
  • Sleeping 10-10.5 hours at night
  • Loves allll the food – he has yet to turn something down lol
  • We’re still working on finger foods – he doesn’t have much interest yet
  • He’s in a pulling hair phase and it legit hurts! So glad my hair fits in a pony tail again! We’ve also been keepings Em hair back too lol
  • The second he starts fussing Em immediately goes into song “A, B, C, D,  E, F, G….” and if that doesn’t work she tells us it’s time for his nap (she’s SUCH a big helper with him)

And here he is at 7 months, coming in at 17 lbs!


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