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September 14, 2017

Ethan | 10 Months

We’re two months shy of a year over here and I’d say this was a pretty big month for Ethan! Let’s see what he’s been up to!

  • He is army crawling, pulling himself up on anything and everything, cruising, pushing anything that moves to help him walk
  • He has 3 teeth in (two on the bottom and one up top) and man has teething been quite the ordeal over here for this little guy
  • He belly laughs when Emily plays peek-a-boo in the car with him
  • He loves trying to get to Elly’s food bowl and screams hysterically when we pull him away
  • If we say “uh-uh Ethan” and shake our heads he laughs then (usually) stops what he’s doing
  • He is eating everything that we’re eating these days
  • He is still very ticklish
  • He loves playing with his feet, eating them and holding toys with them – he’s a little monkey!
  • This month he start having some intense separation anxiety – especially with me…needless to say he has yet to stay in nursery for a full church service since he’s been born
  • He is clapping, waving and giving high fives
  • He is saying mama, dada, more, and we’re pretty sure we’ve heard him say thank you a couple times (it helps that Emily is always “coaching” him on what to say – i.e. when we hand him something, she says “Say thank you, Ethan” or if he’s crying she’ll say “It’s ok Ethan buddy, I’m right here,” etc – it’s priceless)

This was by far the most difficult it’s ever been to get photos of him – he just wants to be on the move!

And for anyone wondering if he’s always so happy…

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