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December 16, 2014

Behind the Scenes | 2014

It’s time for one of our favorite posts of the year! All the fun, weird and down-right awkward behind the scenes pictures taken throughout this past year! It’s a long one…Enjoy!

Work it! You cut that cake, Mike!

Sleepy Mike!

We’ve come to realize that I shoot on my tippy toes a lot…Even when they are sitting! Short girl problems…

Not only does Mike shoot with me, but he usually does it while carrying purses, wearing scarves, and holding flowers. He’s a champ!

I promise I wasn’t yelling at them!

Sometimes you just gotta get low!

More yawns!

I’m most attracted to my husband through my 24mm lens!

Kennywood’s open, Mike! (If you’re not from Pittsburgh, it translates to “Your fly’s down, Mike!”)

Work that aisle, Mike!

When you leave your command hooks at home…

Not sure about this one…

Me and Anthony helping Mike get his settings before their exit!

So…I look like a midget?! – I promise it’s just the angle!

Testing that window light…

Getting low at 10 weeks preggo!

Mike yawning…shocking!

That face! Gets me every time!

Our little shadow and helper for the day!

Love these ones of us working together that she got!

Sometimes we get pulled onto the dance floor…

And Mike totally owns it!

Sorry gal in the blue dress…I promise I didn’t do it on purpose, though it may look that way!

Trying to get out of the way!

And, that’s a wrap folks!


  1. Whitney Clark

    December 20th, 2014 at 12:01 am

    ahh so so so cute! thanks for sharing. i like looking at your blog because i dabble in wedding photography :)

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