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April 2, 2018

April Goals

We’re a quarter into the year already and I’m over here anxiously waiting for some real spring weather! March was a busy month for us with Mike being out of town for over a week, Emily transitioning into her big girl bed (which so far has been going great), getting a fence and our wedding season starting!! Before we see what’s in store for April, let’s take a look back at March and see how I did…


  • Meal planning
  • Get in the word 5x/week
  • Go to 5 workout classes – only got to 3, better than nothing though!
  • Finish 2 books (Lifegiving Home and Parenting)
  • Look into Positive Parenting Solutions training
  • Have one social media free weekend
  • Have special one-on-one time with each kid – only got time with Em this month
  • Date night with Mike
  • Buy patio furniture
  • Teach Emily about spring, new life, Easter and our new life in Christ! I love hearing her explain why we celebrate Easter!
  • Take photos of kids with my camera each week!


  • Finally finish setting up Trello – still have a couple more boards I want to work on
  • Finish online photography course I am taking – made progress, but still have a little more to go
  • Shoot our first wedding of the season!
  • Make a couple website updates – did some, but I’m working on some of my copy now
  • Take a calligraphy class

NOW, onto April!!


  • Keep up with the meal planning
  • Get in the word 5x/week
  • Walk on the treadmill twice a week
  • Date night with Mike
  • Celebrate Emily’s 3rd birthday!!
  • Have one social media free weekend
  • Finish reading Uninvited and Mission of Motherhood – set aside dedicated time for reading before bed
  • Choose people over productvity


  • Finish online photography course
  • Finish making some website adjustments and editing some copy
  • Photograph 3 creative branding sessions
  • Photograph 1 wedding
  • Finish taxes with accountant
  • Buy a new camera strap and new wedding day shoes – always looking for good recommendations for comfortable black flats!!

What are you up to this month?! Share some over you goals in the comments below!


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