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December 1, 2015

Taking Stock | November

Time to share what I’m taking stock in for November!

Making: lots of trips to the new house
Drinking: coffee for days – don’t know what I’d do without it
Wanting: to get back in the swing of things with blogging more
Looking: forward to the amazing 2016 weddings we have on the books
Wishing: we knew if Adnan Syed did it…(Serial anyone?!)
Reading: Making Things Happen, Surprised by Motherhood and 1,000 gifts (any guesses when you think I’ll actually finish these books?!)
Enjoying: all the time Mike’s been home with us lately
Waiting: to hear what our official closing date will be (last we heard was mid-January)
Loving: the Mariah Carey Holiday Pandora station
Wondering: what life would be like with Amazon Prime
Hoping: to up my organizational game
Needing: God’s grace…every day.
Wearing: pj’s, all day – with a baby and online shopping at my fingertips, I don’t get out much
Missing: my grandparents – it’s always extra hard this time of year
Noticing: I’ve been slacking with my morning quiet time with the Lord lately
Thinking: I need to change that ^^
Feeling: proud of our baby girl for all that she’s been learning these last couple of weeks
Knowing: that I need to set my heart on Christ first this holiday season – after all, He is the real reason we celebrate Christmas!



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